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Commercial Power Washing in Houston - Too much pressure can be dangerous. EIFS, dryvit, stucco, and other similar exterior building surfaces should never been cleaned with pressure. Too much pressure can easily damage these surfaces beyond repair. In addition, pressure does very little by way of cleaning. In a short amount of time, any dirt, grime, algae or mold will be present again, or even worse than before the pressure washing took place.

As a commercial pressure washer, we have adopted a special process that involves low pressure, high volume, and quality detergents. It's called Soft Washing and it's an industry standard for Building washing in Houston for all professional power washing companies. It’s safe enough for the most delicate surfaces, but at the same time, extremely effective in killing mold, mildew or other organic material at its source.  

On our commercial cleaning accounts, we start our pressure washing service or soft washing by applying our cleaning solutions to the surface to be cleaned. It's like squirting dish detergent on dirty dishes. Our cleaning solution breaks down the dirt, grime, mold, and anything else that’s causing the surface to be dirty. After a short amount of time to allow the solution to lift the contaminants, we rinse everything from top to bottom using a low pressure/high volume spray. This leaves a completely and thoroughly clean surface rather then simply blasting the top layer of dirt off. Because the spray we use is safe enough to spray our hand with, we can assure you that it will not harm any building material.

Places who have utilized our Soft Washing service?

Car dealerships


Apartment complexes

Gas stations

Office parks

Retail strip malls

Doctor’s offices


High schools

Elementary schools


Bar & Grills

Food Trucks

Distribution Centers


Oil Field Companies


& many others!

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